Sunday, April 15, 2012

Boozy Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays tend to be rather gluttonous around my house. There’s always lots of food, lots of drinks and lots of festive cheer! But in between Thanksgiving, Holiday Lights Shows, My nieces Christmas program, holiday shopping, parties and Christmas (wooooo, I’m exhausted just thinking back to all of that)…we found the time to create these fun and festive holiday infused vodka recipes that we gave away to friends as Christmas gifts!

We took cranberries and limes and pomegranate seeds and infused our favorite vodka with the fruit to make a tasty and decorative holiday treat. The best part about this was that it was not only super easy, but also really inexpensive. Don’t like cranberries, limes or pomegranates? This recipe could be easily adaptable using any of your favorite fruits.

Cranberry Lime Infused Vodka
12 Empty Bottles or Jars
2-3 Fifths of Vodka

Make sure your bottles have been rinsed and dried. Put the cranberries and lime peels into the bottles (or the fruit of your choice). We also did a pomegranate version. Using a funnel pour vodka into the bottles until it's about an inch from being full. Add about 1 tablespoon of sugar to each bottle to help sweeten the flavor.

Seal the bottles and let sit anywhere from 2 weeks to several months.

These make great gifts year round!

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