Friday, April 6, 2012

Hello World!

Welcome to SavoryandSweetEats! I hope you find my blog both entertaining and useful for easy and delicious recipe ideas. I absolutely love to cook and I’m convinced I got this gene from my grandmother. She was Lebanese and boy did she know how to cook. I can’t remember a time from when I was young that we didn’t arrive to her house and we weren’t welcomed by food.

I’ve never blogged before, and don’t consider myself a “writer” but I LOVE to cook, bake and eat! I think I knew my “love” of cooking and baking was quickly becoming an obsession when I looked through my camera and found more pictures of the food and treats I was making than the people I was making them for!

The first few posts I’ve put up are recipes and photos of things I’ve made over the past year or so. Basically, that’s my disclaimer for the quality of photos as well as the timing of the posts. Who writes about Christmas presents in April? Well I do. Or, I should say I do, when I decided a year after becoming obsessed with cooking, baking and photographing all kinds of food for the past year to start a blog.

For now, welcome to my blog SavoryandSweetEats!

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