Monday, January 28, 2013


Here it is...January's iFoodagraphy post. There were some pretty good eats this month that I'm super excited to share with you! 

First, there was a New Year's Eve dinner at Noble Rot. Simply put, it was AMAZING. I had the butternut squash grilled panini. Mouthwatering good. And the perfect way to end 2012 and ring in 2013. 

(Sorry this picture is a little dark!)

Then, there was this sweet little treat inspired by a Pinterest post that is also waistline friendly. Stuff some raspberries with semi-sweet chocolate chips and you've got the perfect late night snack to ease your sweet tooth!

Then, we celebrated a co-worker's birthday with an EPIC salad bar...

Next up, husband and I had a lunch date at Elephant's (if any of you ever come to Portland, you MUST go to Elephant''s pretty much the ultimate delicatessen. I could eat there every day and be happy).

I spent one Saturday evening in, snacking on some delicious fruit, wine and cheese while catching up on some good reads. (Totally my kind of night...I know I'm old!)

Then it was date night! My favorite. Husband and I went and saw This is 40 (so incredibly funny) and had dinner and some cocktails at Trader Vic's. It was like being on our honeymoon again in Costa Rica, and it was soooo good! I told you all I was becoming a bourbon girl, and they had a Bourbon Mai Tai called the Honi Honi. SOLD! The love of Bourbon continues....

Oh and then there was the food. I think I had three foodgasms that night. Hands down, one of the best meals of my life. I think husband enjoyed his too :) 

January flew by! I can't believe's to February!

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