Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Portland...I love you.

In honor of Valentine's Day...I decided to write a little bit about my love affair with our new city Portland...

Don't worry, husband's not jealous. 

So if I hadn't mentioned it by now, husband and I are new to the PDX (Portland). We are LOVING it. Portland is the only city I know that has such a special (some may say WEIRD, I say UNIQUE) personality. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just watch one episode of Portlandia and you will understand. 

We haven't been here long, only 7 months, but it's already made a very special place in my heart. I can't wait to discover more. 

Photo taken from Wikipedia

Portland, I love you. 

Portland is a land of coffee snobs. Wine snobs. Beer Snobs. Portland is also a land of food snobs. And oh boy do they deserve to be so. There isn't a day, week, or month that goes by where some amazing restaurant crosses my path, or opens, or I read about opening, and, frankly put, my list of "Places I Must Eat At" is getting incredibly long. There are breakfast places, brunch places, lunch places, food carts, donut shops, ice cream spots, and dinner, WOAH DINNER. 

Since I've moved here, I've been less and less concerned with spending money on clothes, shoes or manicures, and more and more concerned with eating (yes I name is Meghan and I'm addicted to food! GASP!). That may become a problem for my waistline and my wallet, but for the time being, I'm perfectly content lusting over food. 

Some of the places we've tried (the list is short, I'm sad to say)...AND LOVED include: 

It's February 2013, I've already lost one month. So I'm determined to write down each and every place I'm DYING to try and hopefully, maybe I'll make it through half my list. Especially since, well, to be frank, I'm sure this list will grow. 

So here it is....2013 Desired Eats (in no particular order): 


I can't wait to update you on each and every one of these restaurant's as I make it my mission to eat at each and every one. 

Portland, I love you. 

Oh and husband if you're reading this and need a date idea...please feel free to use this as a guide (hint. hint.) 



  1. I LOVED my one and only trip to Portland. I had to be dragged kicking & screaming from Powell's Books. We hit an old section with Victorian era homes that were turned into trendy shops and cafes, Voodoo Donuts and a wonderful craft/farmers market by the waterfront. I desperately want to go back for a longer visit (I was only there for a couple of hours).

    1. Powell's is also one of my favorites! It sounds like you were on 23rd/Nob Hill (also one of my favorite areas). My husband and I are hoping to move near there soon. Other fun areas to visit if you come back are Belmont and Hawthorne! Hopefully you get to return :)