Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Do you guys like beer? 

What about FREEEEE Beer? 

If the answer is yes. and yes. Well I have to tell you about my weekend. 

Husband and I went to Zwicklemania this weekend and it was SOOOO FUN!! 

Zwicklemania happens once a year all across the fine state of Oregon. Breweries around the state open their doors to the public to teach them about the beer-making process. You get to tour the breweries and see where it all happens. Oh, and you get to taste the beer. FOR FREE. 

Free Beer. Free Swag. Free Beer-making Tours. 

I'm sold. Husband and I hit up four breweries. Migration Brewing, Coalition Brewing, Burnside Brewing and Hopworks Urban Brewing.

Below are some of out photos from the weekend. Check them out!

Thanks Oregon Brewers. That was fun :) 

 On our way from Coalition back to Migration Brewery, I had to stop at the vintage store and check out their
 old school records....SO COOL!

My favorite photo from the day....the reflections of the clouds on the glass door at Burnside Brewing 
were pretty awesome to photograph.

It rained on us a little bit, but we forged on...No rain no Gain, right! hehe

 Our lunch at Hopworks was so good! 


  1. I love beer...ESPECIALLY craft beer. My husband is even a homebrewer that makes some wonderfully good beer. And then? I develop Celiac disease. Sigh. No more beer for me. I'm not trying gluten-free beers, which...are o.k. I'm just every so hopeful someone will create a DIPA or Imperial Oatmeal Stout that will knock my gluten free socks off!

  2. You would love Zwicklemania then! I just bought my husband a Home Brew Kit for Christmas...we haven't tried it out yet, but he's super excited to get going on it! Any tips would be great :)