Monday, March 18, 2013

This Weekend...

Husband and I had so much fun this weekend! 

I just had to share it with you all...

We started the weekend off with a Blazer's game! They played the New York Knicks.

It was SUPER FUN! 

And the best part...Blazer's Won!!

Next I got my hair did!

I'm trying out the ombre look....

What do you guys think? 
(Please ignore the fact that I appear cross-eyed in this photo)

And then I caught a cold, and felt a bit under the weather...

So husband had to run the Shamrock 5k all by himself!

Stupid cold. 

It looked pretty crazy down there dontcha think? 

I hope your weekend was as much fun as ours (minus the cold of course)! 
Bring it on Monday ;) 

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