Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July

i hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!!

husband and i drove down to the Redwoods and camped in Jedidiah Smith State Park for the 4th of july. 

it felt pretty american ;0) 

those trees are so unbelievably big. 

bigger than you can ever imagine. 

and they make you feel so small. 

all weekend long i kept saying "but they're just so big!" and "why can't the camera capture just how big they are?" 

as you might imagine, i took a ton of photos. 

so here are a few from our trip:

the evening of the 4th, we drove into Crescent City, CA where there were tons and tons of people setting off fire crackers on the  beach!

 camp kabobs and husband's shrimp

s'mores! i felt like a kid again ;0)

 and then i made mint juleps and remembered i was an adult ;0)

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