Thursday, August 8, 2013

30 Days of...

i'm approaching 30. woah. how did that happen? i swear yesterday was my 21st birthday and i was flying off to nyc to ring it in "party style" with my girlfriends.

but in actuality, it's been almost 10 years. i'm approaching the big 3-0. i was a little scared of this at first. i mean, i haven't accomplished nearly enough "things" yet. have you?

but then i celebrated one of my dear girlfriends turning 30. there wasn't a huge party, or a fancy trip. although there was some bridge jumping (i mean that's what 30 year olds do....defy gravity, jump of high bridges, live on the edge). it was good friends, some old some new, gathered together at the lake, enjoying each other's company, talking, laughing, drinking, eating...(lots and lots of eating), and a delicious meal, illuminated by sparkling lights, and it was...well, perfect. it made me happy. i'm pretty sure it made her happy too.

so instead of being "scared" of turning 30. i'm going to embrace it. how? well starting now (there are exactly 67 days until i turn 30), and through out the 365 days of being 30, i'm going to do choose to do "30" days of something. something that will make me happier. something that will make healthier.

i'm choosing to embrace 30 to it's fullest, and well, to be frank, while i may not be able to commit myself to 365 days of one thing, i can probably regularly commit to 30 days of something. 30 days of yoga. 30 days of replacing coffee with tea, 30 days of photos, 30 days of not eating out. you get the idea.

(when your 30 you need two desserts to hold all the candles...genius!)

and instead of being scare of 30, i'm actually excited for it. bring it on. your 30s are so much cooler than your 20s.

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