Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Long Weekend

happy tuesday everyone! i hope you all had a nice, relaxing, fun and safe labor day weekend!

ours was verrrrryyyy long and verrrryyyyy relaxing. to the point of going stir crazy. but we found a few ways to fix that. :)

husband had to have surgery (a torn ACL) on thursday, so i was working from home caring for my patient. we had 5 long days at home, watching tv, reading books, laying by the pool (one perk to apartment living) and catching up on the news (my heart is sad for syria).

let me tell you...when the sun is shining outside, and you're stuck in doors...you can get a little stir crazy. at least we did. so by sunday evening, husband was finally feeling up to venture out of the house (thank god!!) and we headed over to overlook park where you not only could see a beautiful view of the city (portland sure is pretty at sunset), but they were also showing FREE movies in the park!

we met up with some friends, settled in with our picnic blanket, ordered some yummy food (yep you can have food delivered to the park!) and watched E.T!!!! they even had E.T skydive into the park as a special guest for the kiddos! so cool! turns out they do these movies all summer long. something to keep in mind for next summer. (so we're a little behind on things to do here in the pdx...we'll catch up soon ;0))

next up! the horse races! we headed out to portland meadows to watch the horse races! i've never been before and this is so fun!!

i loved seeing all the ladies dressed up in dresses and big hats and the guys in their suits and bowties. i definitely want to plan a kentucky derby party here next year! it would be so fun!! and of course the mint juleps were delish!!!

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