Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Mini Anniversarymoon

as i mentioned here, husband and i just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. i can't believe how fast a year flew by. it feels like yesterday, we were packing up and moving to our new city and getting ready to get hitched. ;0) time really does fly when you're having fun!

to celebrate, husband and i took a mini vacation to my parent's beach house on hat island. a small island, located about 45 minutes by ferry from the everett marina up in washington state. there's nothing on the island except private residences and a little golf course. so when i say nothing, i mean nothing. no gas station, no grocery store, no restaurant or bar....i like to call it glorified camping (you know because it comes with perks like a roof over our heads, indoor plumbing and a kitchen).

it was awesome to get away and relax. we sat in the sun (for the one afternoon it decided to grace us with its presence), read books on the porch, went kayaking, took walks on the beach, watched lots of movies (husband watched lots of football), built fires and ate and drank to our hearts content. husband entertained me wanting to stage a photo shoot every step of the way (he's such a good sport).

we ate the top of our wedding cake (surprisingly still sooo good! drank fancy champagne (thanks Amy!), and read what people wrote on our puzzle guest book) and then put the puzzle together! it was pretty perfect. and we're lucky that we have a place to escape to that is so beautiful.

all in all it was a pretty great long weekend. one for the books. and i can't wait to celebrate many more anniversaries.

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