Monday, September 30, 2013

Make Your Own Wine!

remember way back here...when i mentioned that husband and i were making our own wine? well, we finally went back to bottle it this past week!

we went back to tigard wine crafters to bottle up our merlot we made back in july and it was so much fun. making your wine is a two step process (well probably a lot more than two steps, but you partake in two main steps).

on your first trip, you'll taste test a variety of wines and choose which one you want to make. when we went, she had three reds: a merlot, a cabernet and a blackberry merlot (we chose red but there's also white!) for us to taste and decide which one we wanted to make. we chose the merlot. we mixed everything together and she sent us on our way with instructions to design our very own label and come back in about 8 weeks. this allows the wine time to ferment and turn from essentially grape juice into wine.

this past wednesday, after returning from our mini anniversary moon  we headed back down to tigard wine crafters to bottle, cork, label and take our wine home! the wine continues to age in the bottles for the next 6-8 months and then it's ready to drink! we thought these would make great christmas presents for some of our friends and family back home, but i also think they'd be great as wedding favors or party favors too!

we chose to label our wine with the number "one" in honor of our one year wedding anniversary. inside the number one is the word "one" in as many different languages as we could think of....

if you're in the portland area, i highly recommend hitting up tigard wine crafters to make your very own wine! rumor has it there might be a living social deal for this sometime in november ;0)

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