Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Crack: AKA Easy Holiday Gift Ideas!

anybody out there need an easy last minute holiday gift idea for their friends, co-workers, holiday party gifts?? boy, do i have you covered!

let me introduce you to my newest holiday friend, christmas crack. and boy does it deserve it's name. this stuff is so addicting, you pretty much have to give it away as christmas gifts, or you will easily eat an entire batch in one sitting. no joke! i found the recipe from Gaby at What's Gaby Cooking, another fun food blog that i follow fairly regularly. she did not let me down with this recipe.

then i got to decorating! i've mentioned before my love for dressing up jars with pretty christmas decorations from Michael's. it's a super easy way to make your holiday gifts look GREAT! it also makes me look super crafty (when really i'm not! hehe).

and...i'll let you in on a little secret. if you are a christmas procrastinator like i am, it will actually serve you well when it comes to michael's christmas decorations. i ran there this weekend, and everything was 70% off! every single item i bought did not cost more than $0.89. winning!

if you want some more easy christmas holiday gift ideas, that are a little more adult-friendly (aka boozy), check out my past holiday gift ideas here and here!

Christmas Crack

3 cups Cheerios
3 cups Rice Chex
3 cups Wheat Chex
1 cups Pretzel Sticks
2-3 cups m&m’s
24 oz White Chocolate (plus an extra 4-8 oz if needed)

In a large bowl, combine the Cheerios, Chex, Pretzels and m&m’s. Mix them up a bit, making sure that everything is evenly distributed.
Meanwhile, over a double boiler, melt the white chocolate according to the directions on the package.
Once the chocolate has melted and is a smooth consistency, drizzle the chocolate over the cereal mix and combine with a wooden spoon. Make sure all the cereal is covered in chocolate. If you need to melt the extra white chocolate to cover all the mix then go right on ahead!
Once the entire batch has been combined, lay it out to dry on a large sheet of parchment or wax paper. Let dry for 4 hours so the chocolate is cooled and hard. Break it into pieces and store in zip top bags or package it up into jars to give out as gifts.

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