Monday, March 24, 2014

Bumpdate: 19 Weeks

how far along: 19 weeks 2 days

estimated due date: august 16, 2014

size of baby: baby "a" is the size of a mango

sleep: i'm sleeping so much better! still up once or twice to use the restroom, but that's down from what feels like a million times so I feel good.

total weight gain: 5 lbs

symptoms: hunger...all the time hunger. i eat like a truck driver. no joke.

movement: i thought i felt a little something something last week, but i haven't felt anything since, so now i think it may have just been gas ;0)

maternity clothes: i splurged at pea in the pod. i just wasn't finding anything i liked at macy's, target, or old navy. i wasn't planning on buying anything when i went in to "look" at pea in the pod because they're so darn expensive, but everything i tried on fit so well and made me feel like i looked pregnant and not just fat, so i guess the splurge was worth it.

go to eats: fruit....all things fruit. my new favorite combo is anything with blueberries and lemon.

best moment of the week: hmmmm....we're in a transition phase and i'm feeling overwhelmed so i don't really have a "best moment" right now.

gender: one more week till we find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait!

what i wish people knew: being pregnant is emotionally draining.

what i'm looking forward to: finding out the sex!

milestones: baby "a" can hear us now. i talk to him/her all the time ;0)

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