Saturday, April 19, 2014

An Easter Menu

i had all kinds of grandiose ideas about posting a bunch of easter recipes this past week for you. but we had a busy week, and i'm lazy, oh and also 6 months pregnant, and well, that means, i barely got around to googling what the heck i was going to make for easter, let alone come up with ideas to share here on this little blog.

Easter Lilies are my favorite!!

so instead, i thought i'd share with you what i'm planning on making!

we'll be starting out the day with some of these delicious copycat cinnabon cinnamon rolls for breakfast! and because i like to throw in some nutritional substance along with all the sugar i'm planning on feeding husband, they'll most likely be some cheesy scrambled eggs topped with a handful of green onions (trust me it's good) and maybe some fruit (of course berries, because that's all i eat these days). it's all about balance here folks ;0)

and then for dinner, i got a little, ok a lot, of help from good ol' martha stewart. easter dinner will consist of a scrumptious glazed ham, tasty steamed artichokes with a tarragon aioli, and scalloped potatoes with leeks.

i hope you're more on top of things than i am this easter! but if you're not, you can copy my plan...i'm cool with it ;0)

happy easter weekend everyone!

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