Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's a....

BOY!!!! husband and i are having a bouncing baby boy!

we're so excited for our sweet  boy to join us on or around august 16th (i'm hoping earlier, but i have a feeling this little guy is going to take his sweet time joining us).

everything is looking great and about the only thing this little guy wanted to show the ultra sound tech was the fact that he is in fact a little boy. he's all boy and proud of it. we are too.

in fact, we're so excited we raced out last night to buy him a few outfits and get started on my idea for a nursery. i knew if it was a boy, i wanted to rock a nautical theme, and target had some of the most adorable nautical theme pieces.

we also scored a cute outfit from target and old navy. i mean that hat...does it get any cuter?

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