Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Big Move

i've come to the conclusion that husband and i like to make big changes everytime we end up having a big life changing event going on. back in 2012, about three months before we got married in spokane, wa, we decided we were going to pick up and move to portland, or, a city we've grown to love over the past two years.

 Portland view from my current office
 Portland Waterfront on a Spring Day
 MusicFest NW at Pioneer Place

now, we're having a baby, and we've decided to uproot our lives once again and head back to spokane, just about three months before our baby boy is due to grace us with his presence. life changing events = big moves in the alexander family household.

it's been a tough decision and one that we did not take lightly, but we feel like the time to head back to spokane is now. we'll be closer to family, friends we've known most our lives and a little city, that we may have taken for granted the last time we were there.

we'll miss portland, oh so much. this city is an amazing place filled with amazing people. we spent the first year and a half of our married lives together here, and maybe one day we'll come back. (perhaps will decide to move if baby #2 ever makes an appearnace ;0p) or maybe we'll stay in spokane or head somewhere else.

but, we're excited to head back to spokane. start our family and build a home together.

so right now, things are a little hectic in our neck of the woods, seeing as we're moving in the next two weeks. it might get a little quiet on the blogfront, but i'll be back!

we're excited for this new adventure and who knows what life will bring next!

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