Sunday, May 4, 2014

bumpdate: 25 weeks

how far along: 25 weeks...beginning of my 7th month!

estimated due date: august 16, 2014

size of baby: baby "a" is the size of a zucchini

sleep: sometimes i sleep well, sometimes i don't. it is what it is.

this picture is from a few weeks ago (maybe the 23 week mark)

total weight gain: 14 lbs...ew!

symptoms: my back and hips hurt like woah! but walking helps. and my feet are pretty swollen  by the end of the day. it's a real pleasure, really. but you win some you lose some ;0)

movement:yup! finally! it's still not super consistent, but baby boy likes to play around in my belly right after i eat lunch and usually about the time i'm ready for bed. no painful kicks and jabs yet, just some tummy tickles and flutters.

maternity clothes: full on maternity clothes. loving them.

go to eats: i guess i've already told you how much i love fruit. i still do ;0) my sweet tooth has picked up in intensity and i'm trying to curb that beast...especially because i just learned chocolate = heartburn. sad day. i've only been hit with the heart burn beast 3x so far, and each time it was immediately after consuming my favorite sweet ever :0(

best moment of the week: baby boy is starting to move pretty regularly! loving his little flutters and kicks!

gender: bouncing baby BOY!

how adorable is this nautical onesie and baby shoes my coworker got baby boy alexander!

what i wish people knew: no. you. may. not. touch. my stomach. i don't care if you're my mom, best friend, or a perfect stranger. you wouldn't walk up to a non-pregnant lady and touch her belly. why is it ok now to completely invade a person's personal space and touch her? yes, i know there's a baby in there. it's still my body and you have to touch my body before you will ever touch the baby. oh. and don't make me feel bad about it either. until you've been pregnant you don't get to comment. at. all. thank. you. very. much.

what i'm looking forward to: meeting the little guy and getting to see what he looks like! 

milestones: little man is continuing to grow. his fingerprints have formed and he continues to pack on those pounds (or ounces ;0p). 

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