Thursday, May 1, 2014

Nursery Inspiration

even though we're in the middle of moving (and moving in with my parents nonetheless - thanks mom and dad!), you better believe that i've been scheming about little man's nursery.

husband and i are hopeful that we'll be able to buy a house before the little guy arrives. we've got the down payment in the bank and an eye on a few houses. we're meeting with a realtor, and if all goes smoothly, we'll be closing (and fingers crossed moving in!) to our very first home we own before the arrival of little man.

i already have a theme for my little buddy's room and here are some of the "pinterest inspired" photos i've been using to put together his room.

i'm going with a nautical theme...with most of the room being decked out in navy and white, and some rustic nautical rope accent pieces as well as burnt orange for the accent color. i've already picked up some awesome pieces thanks to target and home goods and can't wait to put everthing together.

first up is the wall color. i love these dark navy walls with the wainscoting half way up. if everything goes as planned, little man's room will be a dark navy with white wainscoting. i've also already found an awesome burnt orange striped run similar to the one you see in the photo below from Walmart of all places!

we're planning on rocking all white furniture, including the crib (which was generously given to us by my mamma) as well as a white dresser/changing table we'll be picking up from ikea and a white end table. here's my inspiration for the furniture:

my awesome mother-in-law bought us an amazing glider and ottoman that is identical to this one from land of nod. we got ours from babies r us and purchased it in a tumbleweed color (think the same color as a nautical rope).

finally the accent pieces! husband can be pretty artsy when he wants to and so he wants paint a bunch of artwork for the little guy. we've been collecting inspiration from these pieces found on pinterset via etsy and we'll probably do most of the artwork in a burnt orange to match the rug.

husband also wants to make the mobile, and i'm loving these sailboats as a mobile! we'll see if he can accomplish it...i have 100% faith in him ;0) (of course they'll have to be done according to our color scheme! - i am after all, my mother's daughter)

so far the items i've purchased include this lamp with this lampshade, these bookends, this pillow and an awesome giant rope anchor from home goods, which i couldn't find online, so i guess you'll have to wait and see what it looks like till i do a room reveal!

i've got my eye on this rug, and we're planning on purchasing this dresser from ikea as well as either this end table or this one...we're still on the fence on that one ;0)

things are coming together!

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