Tuesday, June 3, 2014


way back before christmas (i know i know it's june and i'm posting something from christmas, but bear with me), husband decided to brew his own beer. he's pretty cool like that.

it took a little bit of time (okay a lot of time), some really big pots, a few funky smells and a lot of patience, but he did it! he successfully brewed his own caribou slobber ale from a home brew kit i had bought him the christmas before (hey, sometimes it takes us a while to get around to things in our house ;0p).

i begged and begged him to write a little post about the process, but he's kinda busy with full time school, full time work and preparing to be a full time papa. he did however, let me take photos of the super long (and crazy cool) process which i thought i'd share with you below!

for those of you interested in home brewing, i don't have any words of wisdom, advice or how-to's, but i do have a link to the kit we purchased in case you want to check it out for yourself! 

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