Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bumpdate: 34 weeks, 5 days

how far along: 34 weeks, 5 days

estimated due date: august 16, 2014

size of baby: baby "a" is the size of a cantaloupe and taking up some high end real estate inside my belly
sleep: sleep has been better! it's helped that husband installed a handy dandy window air conditioner in our bedroom. he's a keeper ;0)

total weight gain: can we just not ask this question?

symptoms: back pain and swollen feet. I can't even remember what my feet used to look like. maybe one day they'll be back to normal. and bring on those tears....everything. makes. me. cry.

movement: this little guy is active! and this mama loves it! kick away little makes me feel like everything is going well in there.

maternity clothes: full on maternity clothes....I'm kind of over it and wishing I could wear regular clothes again.

go to eats: I'm trying to be really good about the sweets and the dairy because apparently it can increase my far the lack of sweets and lack of dairy isn't helping. go figure.

best moment of the week: we finished his crib! his nursery is almost complete ;0)

gender: my little man

what i wish people knew: don't ask a pregnant lady if she's having twins. don't tell her she's huge. how about let's not comment on any woman's size every. deal? k. good.

what i'm looking forward to: finishing up his nursery (and our house!) and his BIRTHday.
milestones: little man is near 17.7 inches long and probably around 5 lbs. #growlittlemangrow

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