Tuesday, August 19, 2014


as you might imagine, my instagram feed has suddenly filled up with photo after photo of the most adorable little man i've ever laid eyes on. so this life lately post is all about the little guy.

 love love love this photo taken by my friend Amy (thanks Amy!)

 this one is also courtesy of Amy! 
our little man on the day he came home and getting ready for his first car ride ever! 

 mr. porter hasn't quite figured out that he's no longer the center of attention around here ;0)

 these two boys...i can't even

 i pretty much stare at his adorable face ALL DAY LONG

 mr. lincoln makes some quality facial expressions and we're trying to capture them all!

 this little dude....so much swag

 like father like son....totally husband's mini me

my little hipster ;0)

sorry if you're sick of seeing baby photos! i promise to post photos of other things sometime soon ;0)

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