Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lincoln James : 2 Months

here we are again...another month has flown by and my little guy has grown so much!

he's currently clocking in at 10.8 lbs and 22 inches long. we'll get more accurate measurements at his 2 month check up this friday....eek! i'm so not looking forward to little man having to get his first set of shots...

i didn't realize i bought the pink bassinet....woops! 

we've had lots of ups and down this month. around 6 weeks old, lincoln FINALLY started sleeping in a bassinet instead of on me. it was glorious! and then right at 8 weeks it was like a complete regression. he went from sleeping 3 and 4 hour stretches, to 2 hour stretches. he no longer was willing to sleep in the bassinet and when he woke up in the middle of the night, it took him FOREVER to go back down. and oh man has he been fussy. he used to have a witching hour in the evenings...at week 7.5-8 weeks he just fussed and fussed and fussed.

 lincoln and his bff zeke! (these two little dudes are only 6 days apart and it's so fun to watch them together)

 Go Seahawks!

i told you he's been mad at me lately ;0/

needless to say this mama has been tired the past few days. but, after talking with a few other seasoned mamas (hi Nicole! hi mom!) i figured out that little man was going through a growth spurt, and ended up getting diagnosed with reflux. we need up increasing the amount of formula he was getting at each feed, and got him on medication for reflux and fingers crossed, things will start to turn around. were not in the clear yet, but the past two nights, he's slept back in his bassinet and he's gone 3.5 to 4.5 hour stretches at night.

mr. lincoln also went on two road trips this month! little man is quite the traveller. first we headed down to Moscow, Idaho to watch my cousin play in one of his final football games at the University of Idaho (go Vandals!). little man decided football games were ideal nap time locations :)

Go Vandals!

then we headed over to Seattle to meet husband for a weekend getaway and celebrate our two year wedding anniversary. even though he won't remember it, we made sure that lincoln got to take in all the sights including Pikes Place Market, the Gum Wall (#gross!) and the Seattle Great Wheel. we also got to meet up for drinks (link got formula) with an old friend (hi Linh!) he definitely had his moments during the long car rides, but overall he did pretty well.

 Pike Place Market

Seattle Great Wheel 

 tuckered out after exploring seattle

sleeping with mama...his favorite resting place

the best part about month two is to watch little man "wake up." he was so sleepy that first month and didn't do a whole lot (like all newborns), but in the past few weeks, he's become so alert. he stares intently at things in the room (the ceiling fan is very popular in our house) and has begun to smile at things and people. it's absolutely amazing to watch his little face light up when i play with him, and i can't wait for him to become more and more interactive with me.

that grin!

we've got lots planned as we headed into October...the fall is my favorite time of year and October is my birthday month! once we get over the hump of his first set of shots, lincoln and i are headed over to my parents beach house north of Seattle for a few days, and then when we come back we've got plans to hit the pumpkin patch with family and host a pumpkin carving contest, and finally husband will be heading home to celebrate lincoln's first halloween. we're hosting a kid friendly halloween party over here, and i can't wait to see all the little one's in their costumes :)

 so fresh and so clean clean!

 i swear he contemplates how he's going to be a little terror at night ;0p

tummy tummy tummy time!

some quick stats:

height: 22 inches

weight: 10.8 lbs (up 2 lbs from last month!)

hates: still isn't a huge fan of diaper changes and being naked, but he's getting MUCH better!

loves: sleeping on mama, bath time,  tummy time and the ceiling fan

head: he's getting so strong, he can hold his head up temporarily and is starting to push himself up

eats: like a champ! we're up to almost 5 ounces a feed

sleeps: was starting to do really well, and then we had a few setbacks, but fingers crossed we're back into sleeping in the bassinet again.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

there is nothing like having a baby to completely throw your life upside down. everything you knew before is different. schedules go out the window. any ideas you had about how life with baby would be, forget them....so much becomes about surviving. for someone who is type a like myself...schedules, organization, to do lists are what i thrive on...so it's safe to say that those first few weeks of surviving were... rough.

but you do survive. and then the fog starts to lift and you see glimpses of a normal life again. schedules sort of start to emerge and you get into a rhythm. you see the light at the end of the tunnel. i feel like i'm starting to see that light and while i'm sure there will be plenty of road bumps along the way, i feel like i'm starting to find my footing.

Photos taken from fit4mom spokane's Facebook page

one of the things that has really helped me feel like i'm getting back into the swing of things is finding a workout routine. i started out going on walks with the little guy at about 3 weeks....we made it our mission that almost every afternoon we would head over to a local park and walk about a mile and a half. it made me feel normal again.

most recently, i joined stroller strides by fit4mom. stroller strides is a fitness program that helps mom get back into shape and workout with their babies. i've only gone to one session so far, but it already seems like such a great way to get back into shape as a new mom, and you get the added bonus of camaraderie with other mom's in similar situations. this is almost more important than the workout itself. the spokane group not only meets to workout, but also plans play dates and mom's night outs.  i'm so looking forward to future workouts with this great group of moms as well as play dates! (if you live in the Spokane area and have a little one....i highly recommend fit4mom!)

Photos taken from fit4mom spokane's Facebook page

as a new mom, what helped make you feel normal again?

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Happy Second Anniversary to my favorite guy in the whole wide world. I'm so happy I get to share this journey with you. This year feels extra special since we're sharing it with our precious baby boy. 

I love you husband!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lincoln James : Month 1

how has a month gone by already? this has definitely been both the longest and fastest month of my life!

we've had lots of changes over the past month....husband had to fly back to New York for work after 3 weeks of paternity leave with me and the little man, and the first week he was gone....woah, it has been a doozy.

lincoln and i have had lots of help from family, but nothing can really prepare you for those long, sleepless nights, especially when you're up and doing them by yourself. i knew it would be tough, but i don't think anybody really knows how tough it is until they're in the thick of it.

little man turned 1 month old on august 31st and i can't believe how fast the time has flown by! he is the best baby (i know all parents say that about their kids), but really truly, he's a pretty good baby. he definitely has his fussy period, which usually starts around 7 or 8 in the evening (earlier if we've had a busy day with lots of outings) but other than that time period, when he's super tired and fighting sleep, he doesn't fuss at all. he'll let me know when he's hungry or needs a diaper change, but overall he's a happy boy!

and boy does this little guy like to eat. he gets after it that's for sure, and as a result he is growing like a weed! In one month he gained 2.7 lbs and grew 1.5 inches! since he was such a little dude to start out, i couldn't be happier!

probably the most trying part of being a first time mama to little man is that this little guy just wants to be held. i'm happy to oblige him, 99% of the time, but it definitely makes things like showering, going to the bathroom or just getting basic household chores done a bit difficult. it also has been hard at night, when this mama needs to sleep and little man only wants to sleep on me. we're working on it though, and while the past 4 or 5 nights have been a little harder due to lack of sleep, little man is slowly but surely learning to sleep in a little rocker i have next to my bed as opposed to on my chest.

so far our days look a little like this:

sometime between 8 and 9 am, little man and i start our day, depending on what time he wakes up to eat. he gets fed, we change his diaper (which he absolutely HATES!) and mama makes her way to the kitchen for some much needed coffee. because he's a little bit more awake these days, we play for about 30-45 minutes (usually tummy time or on his play mat) and then as he falls asleep i put him in the mama roo (lifesaver!) and try and get a super speedy fast shower in. he only lasts in the mama roo for about 30 minutes, so when i say fast, i mean fast! (did i mention this little guy likes to be held ;0))

after i'm showered, and he starts to make it known that he wants to be held, i strap on the K'tan (which falls asleep in) and wear him while i get some stuff around the house done. this usually entails, spot cleaning, cleaning bottles, and preparing bottles for the day. (little man was fed a combination of breast milk i was able to pump plus formula until he was 10 days old, then i wasn't able to produce any more and he's exclusively formula fed now).

by 11 am or 12 pm, lincoln usually wakes up and wants to eat again, we feed him, change his diaper, and depending on the day, go out to run some errands, give lincoln a bath or my mom comes by to play with the little guy while i get more house stuff done or if lincoln wasn't having the mama roo that morning, my mom lets me shower, or i try and make some lunch.

around 2 or 3, the little guy wakes up again, and we feed and diaper him, and then go out for our afternoon walk! this is probably my favorite part of the day. it gets us out of the house and into the fresh air, and for the limited time little man's awake, he loves looking at the trees and clouds. he's a nature guy at heart, i can tell :). after our walk we head back to the house where lincoln finishes his nap.

our evenings have been a little sporadic depending on this mama's plans, but depending on the day, little man will wake up between 5 and 6 to eat, and at this point he's usually too tired to play so heads back to sleep again (we're working on keeping him up a bit later - my goal is to have his "bedtime" be around 9ish, but now we're just taking things day by day). sometimes in the evenings we have friends over, or we'll head over to nana and pop pop's house for dinner and some family time, or we'll just hang out here. we usually face time with husband between 7 and 7:30 and then start to wind down for the day.

when he wakes up again to eat between 9 and 10, we do our bedtime "routine." which includes  story time and then while he eats we listen to some lullabies and get ready for bed. by this point i try and lay down too, because i know we have a long night ahead of us ;0).

throughout the evening, lincoln usually wakes up once or twice to eat and then goes back to bed. when he was getting to sleep on me, he would only wake up once around 1-2 am and then again at around 5 or 6 am to eat and get a diaper change and then go back to sleep. now that we're working on sleeping in the bassinet he wakes up a little more often...usually around 1 am, and then again around 3 and once more at 6 am before we start our day between 8 and 9 am. the little dude just likes it way more sleeping on mama then in a bed, but we'll get it worked out sooner or later!

so there it is....a day in the life of lincoln. i know our days will change drastically as this little guy continues to grow and gets more awake and we learn to sleep better, but for now, we're soaking up every minute of it. i can't believe it's been a month already!

some quick stats:

height: 20 in
weight: 8.8 lbs
hates: diaper changes and being naked in general
loves: sleeping on mama, bath time,  tummy time and lullabies
head: holds it up briefly (yay for tummy time!)
eats: like a champ!
sleeps: we're working on sleeping in a bassinet next to mama's bed as opposed to on mama