Friday, October 31, 2014

Lincoln James: 3 Months

happy halloween! little man is 3 months old today and we'll be celebrating his first halloween with a little party at our house this evening. he's weighing in at a whopping 12.8 lbs (up another 2 lbs from last month) and 24 inches long (up 1.25 inches).

so much has happened this past month! lincoln went on his first trip to hat island and visited green bluff to pick out his very first pumpkin ever. it was a fun filled fall day with the fam (say that five times fast!).

like last month we've had plenty of ups and downs but i think we are getting over the hump. i mentioned in his 2 month update that little man was diagnosed with reflux and it has taken us FOREVER to get it under control. the zantac wasn't enough to help him so we ended up having to put him on prevacid and i think it's finally working! we're starting to see a much more smiley little boy around here and i couldn't be more grateful.

lincoln is really starting to interact with us so much! he talks and coos and plays on his playmat. in the past few days he's really started to figure out his hands and that he can swat at things and put things in his mouth. the intense look he gets on his face when he's concentrating on trying to reach out toward something is so cute!

he also absolutely HATES his car seat. i'm not sure if it's feeling confined or that he can't see our faces when he's in the car, but if you want to see little man turn into an angry angry elf, stick him in his car seat. it does not make traveling ANYWHERE pleasant, but i'm hopeful that this will not last forever.

he also no longer likes tummy time. if he's in a good mood and we put him on his tummy he'll lie there and chomp on his fist. it's not until he gets really mad that he actually starts to work on pushing his head up, so it's a new ongoing battle for us.

we also started a modified sleep training schedule this past week. we're using the easy sleep solution that essentially condenses their feeding schedule to a 12 hour period and then ideally they sleep 12 hours. we're following the feeding schedule and slowly eliminating his night time feed and it's already increased his sleeping time from 3-4 hours to 5-6 hour time periods. one night he even made it seven and half hours!  yet another thing that i am so grateful for. i was really starting to feel the sleep deprivation over here! knock on wood and cross your fingers that this continues.

a few quick facts:

height: 24 inches

weight: 12.8 lbs (up 2 lbs from last month!)

hates: his car seat and tummy time

loves: sleeping on mama and papa, bath time, his play mat and people's face

head: he's getting so strong, he can hold his head up temporarily and is starting to push himself up

eats: like a champ! we're following a feeding schedule that confines his feeds to a 12 hour period to help him sleep through the night

sleeps: knock on wood, but the past few nights on this new feeding schedule have him sleeping almost 6 hours at a time!!!! he's also sleeping in his pack and play thanks to this magical suit. we had to cut the arms off so he could stick his hands in his mouth to self sooth, but he loves this thing. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Annual Trip to the Bluff

this past weekend we took the whole family (minus the little bro who's traveling abroad in london right now (poor guy)) up to green bluff to pick out pumpkins for halloween. it's been two years since husband and i have gone, since we've been in portland and it was fun to bring little man up there for his very first trip.

i've written about green bluff before here and my absolute infatuation with the pumpkin donuts. needless to say, pumpkin donuts did not disappoint and it was a fun filled day with the fam.

here are some photos from our day!

 little man and i before mama dove head first into those pumping donuts

family photo at the patch 

 all the ladies up at green bluff

two and a half men

 the whole fam (minus griffin...we missed you buddy!)

and our pumpkin masterpieces!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Hat Island Getaway

i took little man lincoln on his very first trip to hat island this past weekend and the little guy loved it! i've talked about hat island before's a small island north of Seattle where my parents have a beach home.

to get to the island, you have to get on a ferry (you can only get there by boat). he was so happy on the ferry ride, cooing at the lights and the switchboard and then the engine put him right to sleep.

once we got there he was mesmerized by the fireplace and made himself right at home. here are photos from our trip!

we can't wait to go back again and this time bring daddy!