Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Annual Trip to the Bluff

this past weekend we took the whole family (minus the little bro who's traveling abroad in london right now (poor guy)) up to green bluff to pick out pumpkins for halloween. it's been two years since husband and i have gone, since we've been in portland and it was fun to bring little man up there for his very first trip.

i've written about green bluff before here and my absolute infatuation with the pumpkin donuts. needless to say, pumpkin donuts did not disappoint and it was a fun filled day with the fam.

here are some photos from our day!

 little man and i before mama dove head first into those pumping donuts

family photo at the patch 

 all the ladies up at green bluff

two and a half men

 the whole fam (minus griffin...we missed you buddy!)

and our pumpkin masterpieces!

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