Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lincoln James: 4 Months

my little guy is 4 months old today! he's no longer a newborn, and is turning into a real baby. a little mover and a shaker and he is already keeping this mama on her toes!

lincoln gained 1.4 lbs this month and is weighing in at a whopping 14.2 lbs. he also grew 1.25 inches and is now 25.25 inches long.

in the past month, we celebrated halloween, travelled to portland, beat croup, ended up in the ER with some major tummy pains, celebrated his very first thanksgiving and he met his grandma alexander who flew in from deleware. he also cut down his very first christmas tree!

i wrote about lincoln's halloween here.

little man is becoming quite the traveller already. he's been to seattle, hat island and now portland! we went down to visit husband while he's been working in portland and spent a quick weekend. lincoln mastered the MAX and we took him to breakfast, which is kind of a big deal in portland. all in all it was a great weekend!

the week before thanksgiving, little man, was having some serious tummy pains and was crying all night. i'm so thankful husband was here, since we ended up in the ER at 1 am. everything ended up being fine, but it was definitely a long and scary night for all three of us. after that he came down with croup, and had to be given a dose of steroids to help him breath better. luckily, it worked and within days, little man was on the mend.

he got to meet his grandma alexander for the first time and we spent thanksgiving surrounded by family. we have so much to be thankful for this year with the arrival of the little guy.

he also had some major milestone this month!! his hand coordination is getting so much better and he loves to chomp on those fists....not just his thumb, he's an all or nothing kind of kid ;0) he also rolled over!!!! he hates tummy time, but he is now rolling from his back to his tummy regularly, and then getting really pissed off when he can't get off his tummy. ;0) he's also starting to not hate the car seat. i'm going to knock on wood here, but every time we've put the little guy in the car over the past week, he's been awesome. i'm hoping this holds up and it's not a fluke! finally, he can sit up all by himself for *very* short stints of time (like 3.5 seconds,  but hey...this mama is proud!)

i think the little guy is also starting to teeth a little already. he will stick anything in his mouth that he can, is super drooly (is that even a word?), and loves the frozen teether. hopefully it's not too rough on the little man.

all in all it's been an awesome month. i can't believe another one has flown by so quickly.

here are a few quick stats:

height: 25.25 inches

weight: 14.2 lbs (up 1.4 lbs from last month!)

hates: tummy time (any mom's have tips for kiddos who hate tummy time!)

loves: sleeping on mama, bath time, rolling from his back to his tummy

head: little man had pretty good head control and can even sit up for short (3 seconds) spurts of time

eats: little man is a great eater. the only time we had issues is when he was sick and his appetite decreased significantly. 

sleeps: he has good nights and bad nights...the past week has been rough with him getting sick, but i'm crossing my fingers that we don't go through the 4 month sleep regression that everyone talks about. 

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