Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Recipe No. 5: Rice Dressing

thanksgiving is nothing without dressing....lots and lots of it. most people prefer the classic bread dressing (or stuffing whatever you want to call it ;0p) but my favorite, without doubt, is my mom's lebanese rice dressing.

ground lamb is seasoned and sautéed with cinnamon, all spice, salt and pepper in a big ol' cube of butter and mixed together with cooked uncle ben's original white rice. people, let me tell you it's a party in your mouth. it's good the day of with the big meal, but my sisters, brother and i prefer to make big bowls of it the day after, top if off with my mom's gravy and scoop it up in big bites with pita bread. so good. so so good. is it thanksgiving yet?? i'm hungry!

so instead of rambling on and on about how much i love this rice dressing, how about i give you guys the recipe so you can go try it your self!

just like with the kibbe, meat pies, and grape leaves...cinnamon (and lots of it) is key here. if you can't smell it coming out of whatever you're making, you don't have enough of it and you'll probably need to add way more than you expect. we go through about two costco size jars of cinnamon every joke!

Lebanese Rice Dressing

3 cups uncle ben's original white rice, cooked
4 lbs ground lamb
1/2 c butter

in a large pan, melt butter and sauté the ground lamb with cinnamon, salt, pepper and allspice. mix together with the cooked rice and put into a large baking dish.

we stuff our turkey with the rice dressing so, whatever is leftover from stuffing the bird, reheat in a casserole dish in the oven...about 30 min at 350 or until it's warmed through.


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