Friday, March 27, 2015

72 and Sunny!!!!!

you guys it was 72 degrees today. 72 degrees in MARCH. that's insane. and awesome. totally awesome. needless to say, the little guy and i took full advantage.

we headed downtown around 10 am and got breakfast at Method Juice Bar. I tried my first Acai bowl and fell in love. so good. lincoln really enjoyed the bananas on top ;0p

after breakfast, we headed into Riverfront Park to enjoy the sunshine. we walked along the river, over the bridge that shows off the falls, and then made our way over to the swings! lincoln is really falling in love with the swings and his little face lights up every time he gets to go on them. after the swings, we walked over to the mall, where he ended up getting his photo taken with the easter bunny! i'm not gonna lie, i kind of wanted that photo of the kid screaming on the easter bunny's lap. i think those are hysterical! but the face i got instead was even better. PURE JOY!!!!

after the easter bunny, we headed home and made lunch for both of us! the little guy got super green mashies (spinach, broccoli, and pears mixed in with a little cereal) and i got a turkey and cheese sandwich on quinoa bread with a side of veggies.

my afternoon snack (treat) included leftover milk chocolate easter eggs that i had bought for our little girl's night last night. (too bad they didn't all get eaten by my friends, right!)

this afternoon, we ran out to pick up my niece and my sister and after dropping them off, headed home to watch the ZAGS KICK UCLA's BOOTY!!!! #eliteeight!

dinner tonight was leftover blue apron baked fontina pasta with brussel sprouts and a single glass of vino. tasty! (sorry forgot to snap a photo so here's the one from lunch yesterday)

not too bad of a day, but i really need to kick my sugar addiction's butt. sweets everyday is definitely hindering my progress.

Calories came in at 1,665.

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