Sunday, March 1, 2015

Adventures in Wine Country!

a few weeks ago, my siblings and i headed down to Napa, California for my little sister's big 30th birthday! it was the first time we took a siblings only trip and the first weekend i spent away from my little guy since he's been born.

it was so fun, exploring wine country with my siblings, eating yummy food (hello bouchon bakery!!!) and tasting delicious wines. we also managed to make it through the entire weekend without wanting to kill one another ;0) i think it's safe to say, iw ould definitely make our little sibling trip an annual thing, especially if it involves 75 degrees in the middle of winter ;0).


while we were down there, we started our trip with a walk through the town of napa and a stop at oxbow market. we tasted brandies at the napa distillery and made sure to stock up on plenty of cheese from the cheese monger as well as bread from model bakery.

for my sisters birthday dinner we headed up to st. helena, just north of napa and yountville and went to the mexican restaurant la condesa. so freaking good. we started out with a guacamole flight and then of course ordered the taco flights for dinner.

that sunday, my little brother and i woke up and headed into yountville so we could get to thomas keller's bouchon bakery. we made sure to grab breakfast, stock up on delicious treats and get yummy bread (to eat the cheese with!) as well as coffee before we headed out to the wineries. we hired a car and driver (so we wouldt drink and drive!) and headed out to go wine tasting. we went to Provenance Winery, Silverado Winery, Cosentino Winery and Domaine Chandon. all of the wineries were amazing! provenance and cosentina's wines were my favorite, but silverado definitely had the best view! we ended the day with dinner at richard reddingtons redd wood pizza, an artisan pizza place in yountville. again, so good!

everything about the trip was amazing. the only complaint we had was that it was too short!!! i'm pretty sure my sister had a pretty good 30th and i'm happy we all got to celebrate together.

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