Monday, March 16, 2015

Binging (and Not Purging)

i know I know...super gross title, but it pretty much sums up what I ended up doing last night after I posted my last post. apparently sugar is a MAJOR trigger for me, because after that delicious popcorn and those Reese's pieces, I. couldn't. stop.

I kept going back to the kitchen for more and more and more, till I made my stomach hurt. and I wasn't even hungry! I had cheese and crackers, some chocolate, some Swedish fish. it. was. gross.

does anybody else do that? mindless eating? afterwards, I always feel sick and so mad at myself. so why do I do it?!?!!

needless to say, I wasn't that hungry for breakfast this morning, so ate much later than usual, around 9 am (which is late when you're up at 5 am with a little one!) and since today is a work day (I don't have too many of these left) I went with the standard Yoplait Greek yogurt, 1/3 cup of granola and my standard ice coffee, which I ended up picking up from Dutch Bros on my way to work this morning. so good!

but let me back up and tell you guys about my morning, because it was a morning. it started out great at first! little man surprised me again by sleeping almost all the way through the night again (he slept till 5 am!!!) and then went back down for about an hour, so we were up by 6 am. I couldn't fall back asleep though and that sucked majorly.

then we went downstairs, where the little guy decided to bless me with the largest, grossest blowout of all time. so bad, that I threw away his pajamas (they couldn't be saved) and promptly put him in the tub. oh you guys...I can handle the baby puke, but being pooped on and having it everywhere is not OK with me. so gross.

after all that, I got us ready for the day and left for work and realized I FORGOT MY WEDDING RINGS!!! (husband if you're reading this, I did no such thing, wore them all day long ;0p) I hate it when I do this, it makes me feel naked. Kind of like forgetting your phone. And in the past when I've done this (only twice before) it always ended up being a terrible, no good, very bad day. eek!

my mid morning snack were these tasty chipotle chickpeas.

i headed home for lunch to hang out with little man (we had an intense game of pass the ball back and forth. he kinda sorta gets it. kinda ;0)) and i had some leftover homemade chicken noodle soup that i threw together yesterday with my leftover veggies and poached chicken. after lunch i headed back to the office and worked away.

my afternoon snack was some of the boom chicka pop white cheddar flavored popcorn (trying to stay away from the sweet stuff today after last night's binge) and some of my organics tea.

after work i came home to a bouncy, happy little boy (my favorite!) and we played, made his dinner (he LOVES the chicken noodle soup i made and blended up for him) and we talked to daddy for a while. then it was bath, bottle, book and bedtime! 

i ended up making two dinners tonight, because my first one was a complete FAIL and i threw it out after a few bites. i had high hopes for my mexican themed quinoa bowl that i topped with two poached eggs. it had quinoa, black beans, corn, shredded cheddar cheese and salsa and i mixed in two over easy eggs for extra protein, and when i took my first bite, i was not impressed. i tried to eat it, but after a few more bites, i knew i wasn't interested in finishing it, and i wanted to enjoy my dinner. so i headed back to kitchen and made a grilled ham and cheese on a 100 calorie english muffin. MUCH BETTER!  

Dinner One:

Dinner Two (which looks an awul lot like the lean cuisine breakfast sandwiches but it wasn't!):

My calories for today ended up coming in at 1,438. I'm pretty happy I'm under my 1,500 daily allotment, after last night's binge fest. Now off to ward off the snack monster until bedtime. I'm determined to do so after last night. 

Goodnight ya'll ;0) 

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