Friday, March 13, 2015

Double Walk Duty

happy Friday!! Little man and I took it easy today. we played around the house, did laundry and went on about a 40 minute walk (roundtrip) to our neighborhood coffee shop and bakery.

Breakfast was pretty simple and straightforward this morning. One of my Yoplait greek 100 calorie yogurts, with some granola and a cup of organics chai spiced tea.

after morning naps (for lincoln and me!) we did some laundry, played and had some morning snacks. mine was trader joes multigrain crackers (1 serving) plus 1 laughing cow french onion cheese wedge and about a tablespoon of the roasted garlic 45 calorie hummus from eating right. i was pretty disappointed in the hummus and don't think i'll be buying it again. nothing lives up to my mom's hummus recipe

after little man went down for his afternoon nap, i was going to make a salad, but my lettuce had gone bad, so i made a quinoa salad, using the same toppings (bell peppers, onions, carrots, broccoli, poached chicken, corn, feta and avocado, atop 2/3 cup quinoa with some lighthouse blue cheese vinaigrette. so yummy and a great alternative. plus the extra protein in the quinoa kept me full all afternoon. 

for my afternoon snack, i picked up a nonfat caramel macchiato while we were out on our walk. it was the perfect pick me up and cured my sweet tooth ;0) 

lincoln and i then got to face time with daddy before he went down for his last nap of the day. when he woke up, he definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and the only thing to cure the baby blues was to go on another walk around our neighborhood! totally fine by me, because it meant i got to enjoy a glass of vino tonight! 

after i got little man bathed, fed, read him his story and put him down for the night, i made my dinner. another blue apron meal!! it was seriously the best one yet. Za'atar spiced steaks with rutabaga-barberry tabbouleh and labneh cheese. it was awesome and i've posted the recipe below! 

my total calories for the day came in at 1,589 (after burning about 350 calories on my double walks). 

and here's the blue apron recipe!

blue apron Za'atar spiced steaks with rutabaga-barberry tabbouleh and labneh cheese

Serves 2 (about 610 calories each) (the tabboulleh would definitely serve at least 3 people and i portioned out a third for me)

2 flank steaks
3/4 c bulgur
2 cloves garlic (i used 4)
1 lemon
1 lb rutabaga
1 bunch mint
1 large bunch parsley

3 oz labneh cheese
2 tbsp pomegranate molasses
1 tbsp dried barberries
2 tsp za'atar steak spice blend

make the bulgur. bring water to boil, add bulgur and cook 12-14 minutes. remove from heat and drain. set aside. 

prepare the ingredients. peel and small dice the rutabaga, zest and quarter the lemon, pull the leaves off the stems of the mint and parsley, mince the garlic. in a small bowl, mix the labneh cheese, the juice of 2 of the lemon wedges, half the mint, a pinch of the garlic an season with salt and pepper. 

cook the steaks. season the steaks with half of the za'atar spiced mix, salt and pepper. heat 2 tsp of olive oil in a nonstick pan and cook the steaks 2-4 minutes on each side for medium rare. remove the steaks from the pan, set them aside and cover with foil. 

in the same pan that the steaks were cooked in, add the rutabaga and cook for 6-8 minutes. if the pan looks dry, add additional oil. add the garlic and the remaining spice mix and cook 30 seconds to 1 minute. add 2 tbsp water, the pomegranate molasses, and the dried barberries to the mixture and cook an additional 30 sec to one minute. 

remove from heat and add in the cooked bulgur, parsley, lemon zest and the juice of the remaining two lemon wedges. drizzle with olive oil (i omitted this) and season with salt and pepper. 

plate your dish and serve with a side of the labneh cheese mixture and garnish with the remaining mint. 

enjoy! (i know i did) 

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