Monday, March 30, 2015

Getting Over the Blahs

so it's pretty obvious that i didn't post anything yesterday about my eats and i'm not planning on doing so today either. I've been feeling down in the dumps and stressed out and my eating has definitely reflected that. i'm not giving up, i'm just taking a few days to get my groove back, push the stresses away and get back to my chipper self. i don't want this blog to be a negative space, so while i'm being a poop, i'm stepping away for a few days. everyone has their blah days, and right now i'm stuck in the middle of some.

i'll be back tomorrow with a little man lincoln update! he's 8 months old tomorrow! how the heck did that happen?!?!

until then here's an adorable photo of my adorable little man.

happy monday folks!

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