Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happy Hump Day!

you know what never gets old? this guy.... (ahahhahaha - happy hump day everybody!) i realize that since i don't post till the end of the day, hump day is pretty much over, but i love that commercial! my old coworker from Portland used to play that every Wednesday, and it never got old.

breakfast today was savory and delicious. two eggs over easy on a slice of quinoa bread and my organics chai tea. (i didn't take a photo so this is from before, but i didn't have the ice coffee pictured below)

snack time was again a slice of my delicious banana bread. i'm so glad i sliced this up and put it into individual baggies in the freezer, because i only take one slice out a day to eat and haven't been tempted to pick at more, which i definitely would have done, had i left it sitting out on the counter!

and lunch was the rest of this DELICIOUS bon appetite thin crust spinaci pizza. i'm obsessed. which means, i probably shouldn't make a regular habit of purchasing this, because i could quickly seeing it become the ONLY thing I eat!

around 1:30 little man and i headed out for an hour walk. it felt so good to get back outside and do our walk after being cooped up because of the rain (well and then i had to work - which makes my motivation to get out when i get home dwindle!). we live in a fun little neighborhood not far from a few shops, restaurants and a brewery, so we walked down there to check out the bike store. i want a new bike and a bike seat for little man, so we can go on family bike rides now that the weather is getting nicer. my afternoon snack included some delicious Sahale Almonds with Cranberries, honey and Sea Salt. I love these and they taste a little indulgent, almost like I'm having dessert. 

i forgot to snap a photo of my dinner tonight! but it was pretty boring to be honest. i made a quick sandwich on two slices of toasted quinoa bread, with a slice of monterey jack cheese, some chicken breast sandwich meat, light mayo and regular mustard. pretty. boring.

My calories today came in at 1,493. Whoop! Whoop!

so whenever i find a new blog i like to read, i get all stalkerish and go back to the very beginning of their blog and read it from the beginning. it takes a long time, but i like to see how everything got started for them. i found the blog a few weeks ago, and have been reading from the beginning on her blog as well. she posted way back in 2010 some ideas about curbing the late night munchies and i'm going to try one of her suggestions tonight! she suggested that you make yourself something warm to drink (tea, hot cocoa, even decaf coffee would work). that way you still feel like you're indulging in something but with a lot less calories. maybe this will be the cure to my inner snack monster! i'll most likely be checking it out tonight. 

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