Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lincoln James: 8 Months

how has 8 months gone by? i feel like yesterday we were just bringing our little man home. i mean, if i'm being honest, my body still looks the same as the day we brought him home (unfortunately). i haven't changed, and yet so much has changed. he is weighing in at 19 lbs and is 28.25 inches long. beware this is a picture heavy post ;0)

lincoln has grown so much this past month. he is wiggling and moving and wants to crawl so bad or just be mobile and it's incredible to watch. he loves going on walks to the park and playing on the swings. he still adores bouncing away in the jumper we have for him, and he's intrigued by the incredible sensory board my husband made for him.

he's eating pretty much everything and anything (within reason of course) and has finally started to put on weight! (the past few months he wasn't gaining anything because of all the sickies that were plaguing him). he has pretty much loved everything we've given him to eat, from spinach and broccoli to blueberry pancakes ;0) this kid will eat anything, especially if it's something mama is eating.

he's sleeping so much better too! (thank goodness!) he's slept through the night (7:30p - 5 am) on several occasions...although he's woken up around 2 the past 3 nights again and he's slowly but surely becoming nap trained as well! i am so grateful for this.

he is such a curious little boy. he wants whatever i have in my hands, be it my cell phone, computer, a magazine, my water bottle. if mama has it, he's gotta have it to. i'm slowly starting to learn areas we're definitely going to need to baby proof soon because he grabs for ANYTHING within his reach, and if it's not within his reach, he lunges for it!

serisouly, this kid has NO FEAR. he just believes that we'll always be there to catch him. he lunged off the couch the other day trying to reach for a toy, and it's good thing my reflexes are quick, because he would have dove head first into the floor if i hadn't been right there. he's keeping me on my toes for sure!

every month i am so amazed by his growth and development and at the same time can't believe how fast it has all gone by. before i know it he'll be going off to kindergarten (sniff sniff) and he won't be my baby anymore (who am i kidding, he'll always be my baby ;0p) he is still a mama's boy through and through and i absolutely love that (although it can be exhausting 24/7 that's for sure!)

here are a few quick facts!

height: 28.25 inches

weight: 19 lbs ( up 2.1 from last month!)

hates: little man is developing a temper that's for sure. he still doesn't love being away from his mama, but now he is much more clear on his likes and dislikes when it comes to playtime too. he has the cutest little growl/grunt that he does when he's not a happy camper ;)

loves: his exersaucer/bouncer, being outside, the swings, mama and dada

head: little man has full head control and is sitting up all by himself!

eats: new eats this month include pretty much everything...pasta, chicken, pancakes, green smoothies, lentils, i've also started to add more seasonings into his food too!

sleeps: he's starting to sleep through the night semi-consistently!!!! he's also almost sleep trained at nap time as well!

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