Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday Swim Lessons

today was a pretty standard saturday. little man and i woke up and hung around the house this morning till we headed out for his swim lessons.

breakfast was simple. instant oatmeal with coffee and fat free half and half. much better than this peanut butter fiasco i had the other day. ewwww!

at 11 we headed down to our sports club for the little guys swim lessons. it's so cute to watch the little ones in the water. i don't think he quite knows what to think about it, but he doesn't cry so i'll take that as him liking it ;0)

after lessons, we came home and the lincoln fell asleep. i made lunch....a chicken and cheese sandwich on quinoa bread with half a cup of grapefruit.

my afternoon snack consisted of triscuits and two laughing cow cheese wedges. if you haven't tried the rosemary and olive oil it! they are the best thing i've ever tasted. so good!

this afternoon we headed up to target to pick up a few essentials and i also finished lincoln's easter basket! this is probably the only year i can get away with shopping for gifts for the little guy while he's with me haha!

after our normal bedtime routine, i sat down to dinner. it was the second curry fail for me. the first one was last week when husband and i ordered thai food and it was awful! well, i think i still wanted good curry because i picked up a frozen meal from costco when i was there earlier this week, and while it wasn't bad, it was an indian curry and not a thai curry. i wasn't expecting it, so it didn't really cure the craving.

not to exciting of a saturday, i'm off to catch up on the blogs i love, and watch bad television before bed.

good night!

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