Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dog Park Days

totally random, but do you want to know what the hardest part of writing each post for me is? the beginning! how many times can you say "hi" "hello" "how's it going" "what's up" before it gets old? writing the actual post is easy for me, but those introductions man, they get me every time.

now that that's over....hi! how's your day going?

ours was pretty laid back, but we did take a trip to the dog park!!! this is kind of a big deal, because it's my first time i've taken porter to the dog park, with little man, by myself. the idea of having to trek both the baby and the dog and be responsible for both of them was a little daunting. and then thinking about trying to get porter back on the leash and back in the car after playing at the park was even more daunting! he's pretty good at listening to husband, but i feel like not so much with me.

please ignore my make up free face....eek!!!

all that being said, the dog park was a success! we were there for about an hour and porter got some much needed exercise. (he doesn't get a whole lot when husband's not here...ok if i'm being honest, he doesn't get any if husband's not here). he was also really good and came back right away when it was time to go! i'll definitely be taking him there more often!

 bags under my eyes for days....(note to self: next time wear makeup! hahaha)

the only downside to the dog park is i have to carry little man in the ergo and push him in the stroller. i actually love the ergo and love baby wearing, but not that the little guy is approaching 20 lbs, it's harder for me to carry him on my front. i need to figure out how to get him strapped onto my back, by myself. i know it won't be a problem if i'm with someone, but getting him out of the car and on my back i'm not too sure about. husband's going to try and help me figure it out when he's back NEXT WEEK!!! if any of you seasoned mama's out there have tips on how to get a little guy on your back, i'm all ears!

as far as eats go...let's just not talk about that today...mmm k?! i think because we're headed to NY in a week, i feel like any attempts at really dieting are going to be thrown off in a week, so i feel like, what's the point? i know this is a crappy outlook, and i should focus on just eating healthy and changing my lifestyle, but i'm finding myself falling back into the crash dieting mindset. that's part of why i stopped blogging my eats this past week, until yesterday, and i just really need to fix my thinking. crash dieting = bad. healthy, balanced eating = good. i think i need to repeat this to myself over and over and over and really get it drilled into my head, that way i'm just focusing on being healthy and not the awful number on the scale. anybody out there ever had to lose a pretty significant amount of weight and done so without a crash diet? i've had success with atkins, but it's always started to climb back on when i start to incorporate carbs (healthy or otherwise) back into my diet.

the one positive thing i've got going for me is that lincoln and i have been able to walk every single day this week and we have plans to meet up with a friend and her little one tomorrow for coffee and another walk through the park! we also just registered for blooms day, so i'm looking forward to that. although, i'm secretly hoping lincoln wants to push me up doomsday hill (hahaha!).

have a good night ya'll! i'm off to watch bad television ;0)

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