Friday, April 3, 2015

Japanese Gardens and a Walk with Friends

happy friday! i'm so excited for the weekend, we've got lots of fun ahead of us.

today, little man blessed me with sleeping in until 6:40!!! (well technically he woke up at 5:15 but after his bottle, he fell back asleep until 6:40 which hasn't happened in FOREVER, so I was really appreciative). after we woke up i made him breakfast and waited to make mine.

i indulged in nachos last night from fiesta mexicana and my stomach was still full and still upset this morning, so i didn't actually make breakfast until closer to 9. when i was finally ready for breakfast, i made myself half of an egg salad sandwich and some strawberries.

after lincoln woke up from his morning nap, we walked over to our local coffee shop to meet up with my friend morgan and her little one zeke! i'm sure i mentioned it before, but lincoln and zeke are only 6 days apart and morgan and i have known each other since kindergarten (or maybe even earlier) so it's been fun to have a close friend with a little one the same age as lincoln to go through this whole "new mom" stuff with (and that was the longest sentence ever!). we grabbed coffee and headed out on our walk. by the time lincoln and i got back home, we ended up walking for a little over 2 hours! (much needed and much appreciated after those nachos last night ;0p).

our walk took us through the Japanese Gardens at Manito Park! this early spring has been wonderful. not only because of the warm weather, but we get to enjoy all the beautiful trees blooming early too!

after our walk, we came back home and i put lincoln down for his afternoon nap, while i made myself lunch. i had some leftover chips and dip from last night's nachos so i made a mini plate of nachos for lunch and may or may not have had another easter cookie. while not the healthiest lunch in the whole world, my lunch was much more "portion controlled" compared to yesterday's cookie and nacho fest. i got to enjoy my food without making myself ill. win!

around 3 i got hungry so i made another egg salad sandwich to tied me over until dinner time. one of the most difficult things is finding time to make myself food or sit down to eat with the little guy. he is not the most independent little one and does not like to be out of my site (or even out of my arms for very long) so i usually wait to make dinner till after he goes to bed. this means i'm not eating dinner till 8, sometimes 9 at night. so making a sandwich as a mid afternoon snack is one of the few ways to tide me over from noon until 9 pm!

dinner tonight was leftover chicken noodle "soup" pasta. not too exciting, but it made a lot so this will probably be making an appearance over and over again for the next few days.

we've got lots of fun planned this weekend! swim lessons, a playdate, a visit from some out-of-town friends, easter mass and finally easter brunch! i'm sure glad we were able to walk every day this week, because it might be tough to squeeze in this weekend.

have a good night folks!

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