Thursday, April 2, 2015

Last Minute Easter Fun!

i'm baaaack! last night was a late night so i didn't end up posting anything, but here's a recap of yesterday and some easter fun we had last night!

our day started off with a healthy breakfast! bananas and multi-grain cereal for little man, and two over easy eggs on one slice of quinoa bread and a side of strawberries. honestly probably one of my favorite breakfasts. i love how over easy eggs taste a little buttery and a little salty and it's kind of the best combination ever. strawberries are my absolutely favorite fruit (pineapple comes in a close second) so the eggs plus strawberries. winner winner!

next up we met up with Hike It Baby for a Manito Park stroll. it was our first time joining the Hike It Baby group and I really enjoyed it. We walked around the park for about 2 hours and chatted with all the lovely ladies. I'll definitely continue to meet up for walks/hikes with this group. it was wonderful.

for lunch i had some leftover chicken "soup." i made a quick chicken noodle soup the other night with carrots, celery, onions, grilled chicken and pasta and a combination of low sodium vegetable broth and low sodium chicken broth, but i didn't realize the pasta i used would soak up so much of the it turned into more of a chicken noodle pasta. i'm not complaining, it has all the flavor of a yummy comforting chicken noodle soup, but it just doesn't have the broth. little man also enjoyed the soup with me as well! he also had a side of pureed butternut squash. i think he's ready to move onto big people food (cut up into tiny bites of course) so once we're out of my stock of baby food i have in the freezer, i'm graduating him to big kid food (meaning, i'll just share with him whatever i'm having). this will be great for me too, because i really want him to eat only healthy, organic good for him food, so it will force me to really focus on eating those foods as well. (no cookies for breakfast!)

after lunch, we played around for a bit before heading out to the grocery store and to pick up a couple of pizzas from papa murphy's. i invited the fam over for some last minute easter cookie decorating and egg decorating. i'll admit, i'm a sucker for holidays and love to entertain, so anything like this is right up my alley!

i set the table by placing easter grass on top of our dinner plates, and i picked up chocolate bunnies for everyone and placed them in the center. i also picked up some cute easter cookie cutters, m&m's and sprinkles to decorate. my sister, amy, has awesome color mixing skills and she created a ton of different pastel buttercream frosting colors.

i made the sugar cookies from scratch using this recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction. The cookies tasted great and held their shapes perfectly! although my favorite sugar cookies will always be my mama's, these are great when you want to create fun holiday shapes!

dinner was papa murphy's pizza and their mediterranean salad. it went un-pictured (i think i just made up that word) but i had some of the thin crust chicken garlic pizza and a small slice of plain cheese and a small slice of pepperoni as well as some salad. i also ate one delicious frosted easter cookie! i made sure to send the extra m&m's home with my dad (they're one of his favorites) and half of the easter cookies home with my sister and niece. i then froze the rest so i won't be tempted to eat too many all at once (although, i may have had two for breakfast this morning).

lincoln and i don't have much on our plates today, so i'm guess a walk is in our future as long as the weather holds out. it's threatening to rain!

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