Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lincoln James: 9 Months

9 months!!! 9 months old! how has 9 months gone by already?! my little man is turning into such a "toddler" week! that word scares me. he weighs 19.6 lbs and we'll get his official height at his 9 month well baby check-up next week.

this has been a HUGE month for lincoln. he went on his first plane ride, rode on a train (amtrak) and a NYC subway! he is becoming quite the little travel baby ;0) he also reached some big time development milestones this month. he's pulling himself up on EVERYTHING (this little kiddo wants to walk like no other) and the day before his 9 month birthday he officially started crawling. (I think it might be time to get on that baby proofing project...whatdya think??! ;0p)

but let me back up and start from the beginning of the month. this month we celebrated easter (lincoln's first easter) and he met the easter bunny! easter bunnies kind of creep me out and i totally thought we would get the screaming child photo, but he surprised me and was super excited to be on that big bunnies lap. more easter photos here and here.

one week after easter, we headed off to visit daddy in New York! i was pretty scared to see how he would do on the plane, but lincoln was a rockstar! we only had about 20 minutes of crying/screaming on the second flight on our way to New York, but all other plane rides went so smoothly. the key was definitely having plenty of things to entertain the little guy, snacks and bottles ready for take off and landing.

we spent two weeks in Saratoga where my husband has been working on a one year contract. i had never been to upstate NY and the town was adorable! the house he's been living at is right on the water, so we also go to see some amazing sunsets.

we spent one long weekend in New York City and once again Lincoln did awesome while we were traveling! he was great on the train ride down and by the end of the trip was a subway pro ;0) while we were in NYC, little man got to meet his Great Grandma Gloria and all of his great uncles on Kevin's side and a handful of cousins.  Kevin's grandma lives in Brooklyn, so we spent all of Saturday hanging out with his family. It was so special to see the little guy meet his family and see where Kevin spent some of his childhood.

on Sunday in the city, we met my girlfriends from college for brunch! it was the first time in almost 5 years seeing them since we had our last little reunion in San Francisco, and i was super excited for them to meet both Kevin and Lincoln. it's pretty crazy that almost 10 years has gone by since we graduated college. (as i type that i feel incredibly old).

monday we headed back up to Saratoga so Kevin could go back to work, and hung out the rest of the week, until Saturday where we headed up to Lake George. it was the off season so lots of things were closed, but the water was beautiful the sun was shining and the outlets were open so we made sure to do a little shopping ;0) mommy and daddy also got to do a little wine tasting and we hit up the adirondack brewery for some lunch and beer!

after getting to spend two awesome weeks with husband/daddy, little man and i had to head back home. and the moment we got home he started to crawl! sorry husband, you literally missed it by a day! in the past week, he has turned into the squirmiest little man, never sitting still and always on the move. he's pulling himself up on everything and i now officially have to watch him like a hawk. we'll definitely be baby proofing, purchasing a baby gate and a few other items when husband comes home early next week.

all in all april was a great month! the time is literally flying by now and lincoln is growing so fast. i'm pretty sure i'll blink and he'll start walking.

here are a few quick stats:

height: we'll get his official height at the doctor's next week!

weight: 19.6 lbs (up about .6 lbs from last month)

hates: i don't know if he hates it, but changing his diaper is literally the most difficult thing in the world now. as soon as i get that diaper off he's flipping every which way!

loves: pulling himself up on everything, "walking" around his crib, and now crawling!

words: "mama"

eats: little man pretty much eats everything now (within reason of course, we're not over here feeding him chocolate ice cream or anything ;0p)

sleeps: i think all the traveling this month really effected lincoln's sleeping. we've had some restless nights and definitely have been experiencing major jet lag. his naps have also been torture (at least for me because he screams every time i try and put him down). i'm hoping we get back to how it's been here soon!

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