Sunday, April 5, 2015

Play Date Fun!

hi! happy saturday! hope it was full of relaxation and fun ;0)

our morning started out later than slept until 6:40 am this morning! AMAZING. around 7, we got out of bed and i got breakfast ready for both of us. lincoln got berry oatmeal and i had 1 over easy egg on a slice of quinoa bread with a side of strawberries. i didn't photograph any food today, so this is going to be a text heavy post.

my mid morning snack was a string cheese, and then we ended up skipping lincoln's swim lessons this morning. he was a little fussy this morning (i think he's teething) and i was feeling really down and depressed about having to get into a swimsuit. why can't you just wish yourself skinny, right?

my mom came over late morning so i could get a decent shower and do hair/makeup ect. before our afternoon playdate! i usually shower in the evenings after the little guy goes to sleep, but whenever we have actual plans to go somewhere, i feel better when i can shower in the morning. (hey, it's the little things, right?).

anyways, after my mom left, i made lunch, i had chicken noodle soup "pasta" again. I told you guys it made  a ton!

around 2:30 we headed out for our playdate with Mary and Morgan and their little one's (Lincoln (another Lincoln!) and Zeke). it's so fun having friends with little ones the same age and it really makes this whole mom thing a million times better when you have friends going through the same experiences (bad, good, high, low) as you.

i've mentioned it before, but our playdates are great. the mom's get to chat, drink wine and snack while the little ones play (or roll around ;0P). as they get older it only gets better and better because they actually interact with one another!!

after our playdate we came home and the little guy fell asleep (in the car of course!) so i put him down and made myself a quick turkey burger for dinner with a side of broccoli and carrots and picked up because i had some out of town friends stopping by!!!

katie and albert are in town planning their commitment ceremony and I'm so glad they stopped by to catch up! i can't wait for their big day this summer!

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