Thursday, May 7, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful mama's out there! today is my first official mother's day, since last year, little man was still just a bun in my ever growing oven ;0)

i want to take a moment to say a very special happy mother's day to three special mama's in my life. the first one, you can probably guess, is my own mama. she has been hands down the best mom a girl could ask for, even though like most mother/daughter duos we've had our trying moments ;0)

she has taught me how to be a great mom by showing me a wonderful example of one. she is always there to wipe our tears, laugh with us...heck she even taught me how to throw my first spit wad ;0) this past year she has not only been an amazing mom, she's been an even better nana. while husband has been away in New York working this year, she has been at my house almost every single day to lend a hand, or relieve me. this has meant so so so so much to me. lincoln loves his nana and it's such a joy to see his little face light up when she walks in the room. so, without boring you all to pieces, happy mother's day mom!!!! we love you more than you know!

the next mama is my big sister. she was the first one of us to become a mama, and has done an absolutely AMAZING job raising my niece Ocean all by herself. she's kind, loving, crafty, and knows how to have a good time. she's not afraid to get down and dirty with the little ones and truly gives everything she's got to everyone she comes in contact with. she's raised a smart, confident, fun little girl, who is becoming quite the strong-willed young woman. amy, you are the best mom to ocean, the best sister to me and the best aunt to lincoln. happy mother's day!!

the third special mama in my life is my mother in law. she's raised one heck of a young man who I'm lucky enough to call my husband. i hope that i can raise lincoln to be as kind, gentle, smart and loving of a man as his daddy is. chong gives everything she's got and loves her son like no other. she now shares that love with lincoln and myself, and we're so very lucky to have her in our lives. happy mother's day chong!

to all you mama's out there, new or seasoned, happy happy mother's day! i hope the people in your life are spoiling you rotten today! you deserve it!

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