Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lincoln James: 10 Months

ok...i know it's starting to sound a little cliche, seeing as a i say it at the very beginning of every monthly update, but i can't help it. 10 MONTHS! how the heck is my baby 10 MONTHS?! how has it gone by so fast? it's not possible that in 2 short months, i'm going to have a one year old. NOT POSSIBLE.  my little man is weighing in at 20.6  lbs and around 29 inches long....the little bugger wouldn't sit still long enough for me to measure him!

you guys the last month has been so fun and so so so exhausting. little man started crawling the day before he turned 9 months and it's like he's always crawled, because this kid GETS. INTO. EVERYTHING. he is also the BIGGEST DAREDEVIL in the entire world and will crawl out of anything. ok houdini, you can stop now. his most recent near death experience happened just the other day when he decided he was going to jump/nose dive head first off the changing table. i almost had a heart attack, because i kept grabbing for him and didn't manage to catch or grab onto him until i finally grabbed the back of his t-shirt and caught him literally an inch away from the ground. the kid just looked up at me like nothing happened. meanwhile, i'm hyperventilating and pretty sure i had both a heart attack and a stoke at the tender (i.e. YOUNG) age of 25. 31. ;0p the changing table is now officially out of commission and houdini is getting changed on the floor.

he's pulling himself up on anything and everything and walking along while holding onto things. he babbles and coos and is such a happy kiddo (BIG BIG changes from when he was a little dude, sick and battling reflux like whoa). i totally claimed his "first" word since his favorite thing to babble is "mamamamamamaa" although he just started babbling "daddadaadaddda" and i'm totally convinced i heard him say "hi" and "mom" the other day. however, at the rate we're going his first real word is probably going to be "no" since i'm constantly either telling him "no no don't touch that" and also constantly telling poor porter "no!"

he has absolutely fallen in LOVE with the swings at the park. twice this month when i went to pull him out of the swings so we could leave he started crying and wanted to get back in. the first time, we had to go, so he just had to cry and get over it, but the other day, we had some time, so i put him back in and he got the biggest grin on his face. it's so cute to see him actually express what he likes and dislikes in a real way.

as much fun as this month has been, it has also been more trying than any other month. ever since our trip to New York last month, little man has completely regressed sleep-wise. we had sleep trained him and putting him down was a breeze. we were also lucky enough that he was sleeping pretty much through the night. he would go down around 7:30 and not wake up till 4:30-5, we'd give him a bottle and he would go back to sleep until 6:30-7. oh how i miss those days. now, putting him down is a NIGHTMARE (although it's been a bit better the last 2-3 days, knock on wood) and he has been getting up at 12:30-1, 3 am, 4:30 am and has decided that our new wake up time is 5:30 (SO NOT COOL!).  nap wise, he's down to two naps, and while putting him down for a nap is constantly a battle, he's napping SO MUCH BETTER than before. before he would sleep for about 30 minutes and then we'd have to pick him up and hold him for the next hour because he would wake up. the past few days he's gone down and stayed down for 1.5-2 hour naps each time!!! i'm crossing my fingers this sticks, because it has definitely helped me during the day. needless to say, between the sleep regression and the chasing a now very traveling crawler, I. AM. TIIIIIIRED.

little man and i also made another trip out to hat island over memorial day weekend with the fam. it was so fun letting him play on the beach and introducing him to the sand (which went immediately into his mouth). he wasn't such a fan of the water, but it was pretty cold, so i'm pretty sure that will eventually change. i foresee several trips this summer to the island with nana, since daddy is still working away in new york.

i know i've said it at each stage, but this one really is the best and most exhausting so far. i wish i could bottle him up and keep him a baby, but i know that's not possible and i know that's what every mom says. so instead, i'll just say i can't wait to see what the next month brings!

some quick facts:

weight: 20.6

height: 29 in

sleeps: let's not talk about it. :(

eats: little man pretty much eats whatever we eat now, although he doesn't eat as well if we're not eating with him. he just wants whatever we're having!

milestones: lincoln is crawling, pulling himself up, walking (with help), babbling and cooing.

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