Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend and Ina Garten's Watermelon, Feta & Arugula Salad

hello! hello! and happy wednesday! i hope this day finds you well rested after the long weekend.

little man and i are back and recovering from an awesome memorial day weekend at my parent's beach house on the west side. it was a long weekend full of fun. we introduced lincoln to the beach (hello sand in mouth!) and the ocean (not such a fan ....#brrrrrmom!) and ate tons and tons of delicious food, because what else do you do at the beach besides relax and eat? and if you don't do those things, we can't be friends. ;0p

below are a few pictures from the weekend, but what i really want to talk about is this AMAZING salad we made. we made it friday night and again sunday night, and probably would have made it saturday night too, but we had a party to go to, and then you know what else. i came home and made it again last night for myself. it was that good.

it's Ina Garten's Watermelon, Feta & Arugula Salad, but what takes it over the top is the awesome homemade dressing she pairs with it. this will definitely be my go to salad for the summer, so if you feel like inviting me to your next bbq, you know what i'll be bringing!

here's the link to her recipe here. the only change i made was to add a little red onion. yum!

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