Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy Father's Day!!

happy father's day! i hope each and every one of you get to spend today with your dad, father of your own kiddos or future father ;0) lots of dads get a bad rap for not working as hard as moms out there, but in my own personal case, i have a pretty great dad and an awesome husband/little man's papa.

so on this special day, i want to first say happy father's day to my husband. we've had a pretty tough first year as first time parents with kevin having to work in new york, but even thousands of miles away, he is still the best papa to our little man. whether it's face timing on a regular basis, calls, texts and exchanging photos or making the most of the short time he gets to spend at home each month, kevin has shown over and over again how devoted of a dad he is and once again, how great of a husband he is. lincoln and i are so lucky to have you and we love you very very much!

i can't believe how tiny he was!!

and of course, a very happy father's day to my own dad! he's a pretty awesome dad and all around good guy (when he's not pontificating of course ;0p) and is the best pop pop to little man lincoln. he is so patient when he watches the little guy (especially as he screams his head off), makes one mean roast chicken, and has always been a great sounding board for all of us. he is level-headed and can help you think your way through any problem, even when we're convinced it's the end of the world.

so, without further ado, happy happy father's day! love you both!!

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