Friday, June 5, 2015

Lantern Fest

hello! hello! and tgif!

last weekend, my girlfriend, morgan and her little one zeke as well as little man and myself headed out to lantern fest. it was the second year they held it here in spokane and it was pretty freaking amazing if i do say so myself.

according to the lantern fest site, lanterns were historically released to symbolize good fortune, request favorable weather or celebrate a loved one, along with a bunch of other reasons. and in 2015, lantern fest is all about the above or "just getting a really cool instagram photo" ;0p

the festival itself was set up near state line and when you walked through the gates you were handed a  box with supplies to make three s'mores as well as a lantern to decorate. all around the grounds were fire pits where people were camped out, roasting marshmallows, decorating their lanterns and listening to music.

as the sun went down and it got dark, we all prepared to light our lanterns and release them. it was such a cool event and an amazing site to see. after all the lanterns had floated into the sky, we were surprised by a fireworks show to end the night! i definitely plan on attending next year!

here are some photos from our evening!

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