Saturday, August 1, 2015

Lincoln James: One Year

we made it! we made it through the long, terrifying at times, difficult, wonderful, amazing first year of Lincoln's life. yesterday morning, i woke up and thought how is it even possible that one whole year has gone by. but it has, in what seems like a blink of an eye, and we officially have a one year old. we'll no longer count his age in months, but in years and while i am so excited for everything that is to come, i can't help but be a little sad that my baby is not a baby anymore.

we weighed the little guy yesterday, a monthly tradition and by our scales he is weighing in at 21.8 lbs (he was sick again this month so we didn't have much weight gain), but we'll get the official height and weight, etc. at his one year checkup next week.

and once again, lincoln has developed by leaps and bounds this month. we are so so so so close to walking. he walks along everything and is so fast with his little walker, but he doesn't yet seem to have the confidence to let go and do it on his own, even though i'm confident that if he tried, he 100% would. we still don't have any teeth yet, but they tell me the longer it takes for your teeth to come in, the stronger they are, so i'm rolling with the old wives tale and am convinced he will have teeth as strong and as sharp as T-Rex ;0p

he is talking up a storm! we say "mama" "dada" and "baba" - which i think he's either using to describe the ball or his bottle. he says it when referring to both so who knows? he can "shake his head no," waves "hello" and "bye-bye!" and loves to play ball (we roll it back and forth), peekaboo! and while the swings still remain his absolute favorite at the park, we also now like to climb up the slide (no joke, the kid won't walk but he'll climb up a freaking slide!).

we have officially made the switch to whole milk and he is down to only 3 bottles a day. the rest of the time he is drinking water out of a sippy cup. after this weekend, we're switching him to just two bottles a day and he'll drink milk and water out of his sippy cup the rest of the time. he is the best eater and i know how fortunate i am for that.

as far as sleep goes....we are back in a no sleeping stage, unfortunately, but husband is home for good the end of August!!!!! and we'll get back on the sleep training wagon and hopefully officially have a good sleeper on our hands.

we celebrated Lincoln's first birthday with a little sock monkey themed party on thursday evening, his birthday eve and had friends and family with us. he was the most adorable birthday boy and such a delicate cake smasher. we were lucky enough to be able to hire a friend to photograph the evening and i'll share those photos when i get them here.

in the meantime here are photos from the last month! this is the last "monthly update" for little man, and it's been so fun to document his growth here. i know they'll be so much more to document as he continues to grow and i'm excited to share it here as this has become an online journal of sorts.

before i sign off, some words to my dear sweet boy. lincoln james, we love you so very much. you are the best thing to happen to your daddy and i. this has been the most amazing year watching you grow and i know it is only going to get better from here. just do your mama a favor and go easy on her with the dare devil, houdini acts....we want you around for a long long time! with all my heart,
love, mama.

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