Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

my favorite time of the year is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the last three months of the year are without a doubt, my absolute favorite and it starts out with all things pumpkin! and while i have to admit, i'm not a fan of the famous starbuck's pumpkin spice latte, i am all about the pumpkin baked goods!

i indulged my love for fall and all things pumpkin this weekend, when i had little man help me make pumpkin pancakes for daddy this past sunday. while i know he's too little to really help in the kitchen, it was so much fun measuring out ingredients and letting the little guy pour them into the bowl. he is already so interested when we're cooking in the kitchen, and it's fun to include him.

we have our annual trip to green bluff  to pick pumpkins from Siemer's with the fam on the books, and mid October cannot come soon enough. the pumpkin spice donuts from harvest house are also calling my name! so to tied me over until October, i made pumpkin chocolate chip bread last night and it is so FREAKING good. this recipe is from Sally's Baking Addition, and I followed it almost exactly. I left out the OJ because we didn't have any on hand, and it turned out pretty darn tasty if i do say so myself. i also let the little guy help me out in the kitchen because i cannot get enough of my mini chef. i hope he likes to cook and bake as much as his mama, because i see plenty of cookie parties in our future ;0)

here's the link to the recipe!

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and for those of you looking for a little pumpkin inspiration here are a few pumpkin related recipes I've made in the past! clearly i have an affinity for the little orange squash.

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