Saturday, October 24, 2015

Annual Greenbluff Trip!

happy monday everyone! i hope you all enjoyed a fun weekend. we sure did :)

i mentioned a few weeks ago that we had our annual greenbluff and pumpkin carving date on the books for the middle of October and that ended up being this past weekend! my parents, sister, her fiance, husband, lincoln and myself all headed up to greenbluff to snag the perfect pumpkin, and fill our tummies with delicious huckleberry and pumpkin donuts!

my older sister and niece ended up working at one of the farms this weekend, so while we stopped by to say hello, they had to miss out on the pumpkin patch, but came over to help carve later that evening. my little brother had to miss out too since he's down at school, but we made sure to have enough fun for him too!

after greenbluff we all came back to the house to start carving, roast pumpkin seeds, eat more food (pizza!) and even more pumpkin and huckleberry donuts. here are a few photos from our day!

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