Friday, November 27, 2015

Turkey and Gravy and Pie! Oh My!

happy friday! and happy day after thanksgiving!! to those of you out black friday shopping...more power to you. i tend to avoid black friday like the black plague. there isn't a big screen tv in the world that is worth getting trampled on in my book ;0p

i hope everyone had a very happy thanksgiving. this year i'm so grateful for power (thank you vista!), family, reuniting with old friends, and my two little turkeys (husband and little man).

our family celebrated in classic burns family tradition. stuffing our faces, drinking and just generally being merry. my little brother and i did manage to brave the 17 degree weather yesterday morning, and participated in our local turkey trot. it was a blast...until i fell on my butt, TWICE! we had a mini winter storm (yes right after our windpocolyps storm) and its left many of the roads covered in solid sheets of ice, hence my clumsiness during the turkey trot (i don't normally go around falling on my butt ;0p).

we also learned a very important lesson. my little man is EXACTLY like his mama when it comes to thanksgiving food...bring on all the MASHED POTATOES!!! he could not get enough, and i'm pretty sure that's the only thing he ate for dinner last night. he finished all of the potatoes on his plate and then decided he would help himself to mama's mashed potatoes as well. it was too cute to be upset that he ate my favorite thanksgiving dish right out from underneath me ;0)

anywho, here are some family photos from yesterday's turkey feast.

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