Friday, November 20, 2015

Windstorm 2015

tuesday evening, spokane was hit with a crazy windstorm. we had winds up to 71 mph at one point. by the time the wind died down, there were hundreds of down trees and power lines and over 180,000 people without power in the spokane area. three people lost their lives.

my parents ended up with a tree through the roof of their house and a another tree on top of my mom's car, and while we all lost power (and are yet to get it back!) everyone is safe. we finally decided to check into a hotel room Thursday evening, when are house started to drop below 50 degrees and i'm so glad we made that decision. no power, no hot water, dropping temperatures and a little one is not a good combination.

for now we're cozy and warm in our hotel room and hopeful that our power comes on soon. the local power company is estimating 3-5 days for most people, but i have a feeling we'll be toward the end since we have an actual down power line in our backyard. which basically means the direct power to our house is cut off.

there are a ton of local photos and stories on the local news that showcase the damage done here.

and here are a few photos from my iPhone.

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