Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Merriest of Christmases

i saw something on the internet the other was a photo and on it said "i used to think being a kid on christmas was the best thing ever, but it turns out having kids on christmas is." this is soooooo true!

last year's christmas with lincoln was amazing, but this year was even better. every single day this month he would wake up and be mesmerized by all the christmas decor, and when he finally got to open presents on christmas eve, he was so excited!

we started christmas eve morning with our "christmas box" which had our matching family jammies, a christmas movie and book, popcorn and hot cocoa. this year the christmas movie was rudolph the red nosed reindeer and it came with some little talking figurines. little man's face when he opened the box was pure joy!

later that day we headed out for christmas eve mass and then back to nana and pop pop's for their annual christmas eve party. after everyone left for the evening we opened presents from one another, and the moment the last present was open, little man curled up into my arms and fell asleep. best. feeling. ever.

we brought him home and husband and i went to work playing santa ;0) lincoln was a very good boy this year and santa brought him an activity table, and a stocking full of goodies. he was so excited to see it christmas morning! after opening presents, we all had breakfast as a family and then hung out in our jammies before heading back over to my parents house for christmas dinner. dinner was delish and we topped it off with this amazing dark chocolate, caramel oreo pie from the blog kevin and amanda. so freaking good.

and that was our very merry christmas. i hope you all had a wonderful christmas as well!

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